Ready to Scale with Integrity?

Go from being a booked out 1-1 service provider to a thriving CEO with the power of leveraged offers that allow you to move into 5-figure months and beyond.

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You've worked hard to grow your service-based or coaching business.... and let's be real... you deliver incredible results for your clients.

In fact, you're becoming more in demand and you're pretty close to being booked out.

Client calls and projects fill your days... and you are proud of the work that you're becoming known for.

But... secretly, you find yourself wishing things could be different.

This isn't the life you had envisioned when you decided to become your own boss.

You wanted flexibility. Freedom. The ability to make more money without working so many hours.

Now, you're making good money and you're REALLY good at the service and coaching you provide your clients... but you know you've hit a ceiling.

No matter how much you try, you know you're totally maxed out and don't see a way that you can continue to grow like your heart desires without sacrificing even more.

You've sacrificed a lot to get to where you are today. And, secretly... you're almost willing to settle. Because if the growth you're craving requires even more sacrifice... you're not willing to do that.

Growth Without the Hustle

To get to where you are today, you hustled pretty hard. But, to get to where you WANT to be... hustle is a thing of the past.

You're ready for growth and scalability.... but what does that look like?

  • It looks like finally reaching those revenue goals you WANT... and not working 60 hour weeks to do it.

  • It means that you finally have hours back in your days and weeks to enjoy your family and create the lifestyle you want on YOUR terms.

  • It means that you have repeatable processes in place to serve your clients and help them experience their unique transformation... without spending all your time working 1-1 with them.

  • It means scaling through INTEGRITY... developing long-term relationships with your clients and providing them a means to keep working with you so that you don't need to rely on small offers or "passive income" to keep the lights on.

  • It means fully stepping into and owning your role as an expert -- a guide -- that can teach your process to your clients so they can reach their desired transformation on their own.

What if you could create a repeatable, teachable framework directly from your unique expertise that allows you to make more income... without being at your desk 24/7?


The Scalable Offer System

The Scalable Offer System is a step-by-step framework designed to help coaches, strategists, and service providers design and launch a leveraged offer based on their unique blend of experience and expertise so they can make money without being tied to their desk all day.

Enrollment will open in Summer 2022! Join the waitlist to know when doors open!


Action + Accountability.
The simple strategy for success.

This 6-month group program is designed to provide you the support, accountability, and resources you need to create your own leveraged offer to add to your existing, successful 1-1 coaching or service-based online business.

Here's how we will do this together:


Design Your Signature Framework

We'll distill your expertise into one measurable result that you can help someone learn or reach on their own.

We'll break down that result into a step-by-step signature framework that you can teach to multiple people at the same time.

You need this framework even beyond your program... it becomes YOUR process that, spoiler, is also a pretty amazing business asset.


Get Clear on Who Needs Your Framework

Then, we identify who is the EXACT right fit for the results you teach (and what they need to bring to the table!)

This clarity will make sure that your program only includes what they need (no fluff or teaching "all the things").

Plus it will help your spots sell out because your people KNOW they need your help.


Create Your Support Ecosystem

We'll decide what kind of support your students will need in order to IMPLEMENT this framework to get results (without you holding their hand the entire way!)

This support ecosystem will help them get sustainable results, and give you the most options for scalability within your business.

No more continually hustlin' for more and more clients... serve the clients who are ALREADY getting results with you for as long as they need your support.


Launch Planning

Once your program is put together, it's time to put it out into the world!

We'll work to create a plan + system for getting your program developed and launched so you aren't figuring launching out by yourself.


Refinement + Accountability

Creating your leveraged offer is only the beginning! You'll get my eyes on your launch, before, during, and after.

You'll get the support and feedback that you need so you can quickly identify holes and make needed changes.

What's Included?

  • Lifetime access to a vault of action-focused trainings, resources, and templates to support you as you CREATE and LAUNCH your group program or course with a support component.

  • Implementation support that focuses on action and accountability. This is not a program stuffed full of fluffy worksheets. Our focus is you taking the right actions every single day so you reach success faster.

  • Monthly, 15-minute 1:1 check-in call with me so that I can personally check in with you to help you reach your goals

  • 6 months of access to a private Facebook community of likeminded women who are also building their signature programs.

  • Direct, daily access to me in the Facebook group to answer questions, provide feedback, and help you with any issues.

  • Quarterly launch planning workshops where we will work together to create a launch plan that works.

  • A dedicated, weekly group call and weekly threads where I provide you with personalized feedback and direction if you feel stuck.

The power of community and building your program alongside other driven women is invaluable. This group will be your inspiration, accountability, support, and become partners with you on your business journey.

What's Possible for You?

If you were to go through this entire program and launch your 1-many offer, how much could you earn over the lifetime of your business?

If you remain where you are...

  • maxed out with clients
  • feeling stifled by your calendar
  • spending your nights and weekends catching up on client work... what does that cost?

I want to make creating your first leveraged offer a no-brainer decision.

So, there are 2 options for us to work together to make this a this reality for you, your family, and your business...

Monthly Payment Plan

Pay over time with this flexible option.

Includes all features of the program, including lifetime access to the resources vault, Facebook group, and access to me.

6 monthly payments of $250


Pay-In-Full Option

Save when you choose to pay in full!

Includes all features of the program, including lifetime access to the resources vault, Facebook group, and access to me.

One-time payment of $1400

Why did you start your business in the first place?

My guess... you were eager and excited about the services and transformation you offer to your clients.

You landed your first client... and the second, and the third.

Now... you're literally drowning in work... and yet it somehow doesn't feel like enough.

You started your business excited for flexibility, making your own schedule, and playing with your kids.

But instead, it feels like you are answering to a dozen different bosses (aka… clients).

Ultimately, you feel torn between continuing to grow the business that you love and wanting ACTUAL freedom.... the freedom that you truly believed was possible when you first started out.

The freedom to be an industry expert. To be sought after for your unique results. To be known for the coaching strategies you teach.

What you REALLY want is the ability to coach and serve more people without it requiring more of YOU.

But, you’re a woman of integrity.

You’re not about to just slap some low-ticket product together and sell it to the masses.

You know, deep down, that the results you get for your clients are best gotten while you walk alongside them. They need support from you to be successful.

If you're not going to work 1-1 with your clients, you know they will need you to teach them WHAT to do.

You also know they'll end up needing you to support them as they implement what you're teaching.

But, you're struggling to figure out how to move from providing 1-1 support to teaching ONE process in a group format.

The good news? That's my specialty....

Hi! I'm Rachel....

In 2013, my husband and I packed everything and moved 500 miles away… with less than a week’s notice. I lost my teaching job and had to start all over again in a new town.

But, I quickly discovered that teaching jobs are not always easy to find. So, I pivoted and entered the online business world.

Over the past 8 years, I've worked with dozens of clients in a wide variety of industries.

  • I've helped a client create and optimize her signature group coaching program that consistently sells out and generated over $100,000 in revenue in the first year she opened it.

  • I've managed multiple, $50,000+ launches for my clients in the fitness and marketing industries.

  • And, in my own business, I've sold digital products and generated multiple 5-figures in revenue from my own leveraged offers.

Over and over again, I've seen the power and freedom that are possible when expertise is crafted into a leveraged offer.... and that's what I want to help you achieve.

Rachel is AMAZING!!! She walks you through step by step to creating your course, marketing to your ideal client, and saves all the guesswork. But by far the most valuable thing is that she gets you out of your own head and shows you the value that you are providing to your students and clients so you can level up!

— Melissa Swire

Let's Get Started

If you're ready to create your signature group program, I would love to partner with you.

Join the waitlist to know when spots open in Summer 2022!


My Promise to You

One of my core values is integrity.

It's so important to my business that I am offering you a 7-day, 100% money back guarantee on this program.

If you purchase, take a look at the material, and get a feel for the Facebook community… then decide it’s not for you, I will happily provide a refund.

All I ask is YOUR integrity in return.

Sound good? Let's do this!


Who Is This For?

This program is for women of integrity who are not willing to settle by creating a mediocre program for their audience.

You want the very best for your clients and are willing to do the work so you can serve them at your highest level.


  • You are a coach, strategist, consultant, or done-for-you service provider and have successfully served 1-1 clients

  • You have the foundation of your business built and have a clear process for working with your 1-1 clients

  • You are eager to continue your growth and success, but are feeling maxed out with your current client load 

  • You have the desire to add on a more leveraged offer, but don’t know how to take what you do for your 1-1 clients and turn that expertise into a group program

  • You are a heart-centered entrepreneur who values integrity, excellence, and truly care about those who invest with you


  • You're just looking for a quick fix to create cashflow into your business and think that a program will be simply passive income that magically shows up in your bank account.

  • You aren't willing to do the work and just want someone to hold your hand.

  • You’re not willing to dedicate a few hours a week to develop an excellent product

  • You're not excited about being part of a community where you can give more than you take

  • You're newer to business and don't have an established process for client results that you have developed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time is required?
This program is based very heavily on implementation. I believe that you are an expert in your subject and you need to know the right ACTIONS to take in order to bring your signature program to life.

Because this program is heavily focused on action, I recommend dedicating 2-3 hours per week to showing up in the community for help, attending the weekly call, and working on your program.

In fact, I will hold you accountable to show up. ;-)

2. How is the program content delivered?
You get access to the private Facebook community and the program curriculum housed in Thinkific. You are free to go through the content at your own pace and you have lifetime access, including future resources and updates.

Weekly accountability threads will be posted within the Facebook community for you to get support on particular areas or topics.

3. Will I get results?
That is entirely up to you! :) I will not do the work for you and expect that you make every effort to put in the work required to get the results you want. I can tell you that I have helped clients create over $200,000 in program launch revenue alone in 2020.

The strategies and methods I share within the program come from my direct experience as a launch manager and certified educator. But, ultimately, YOU are responsible for your results.

4. Do I get any 1-1 support?
Part of the benefit of this program is being in a group of likeminded women who are all working towards similar goals. There is power in being surrounded by others who are like you.

But, you will get 1-1 support from me on our weekly calls and via Voxer. I will also be personally showing up in our Facebook community and keeping you accountable to what you say you want to achieve.

What Clients Are Saying

Rachel's kind and down-to-earth nature made it easy to feel comfortable explaining my tech and platform challenges without feeling judged. This allowed us to get to problem-solving quickly and I left our first meeting knowing my next steps and how I could best achieve them.

Rachel's follow-up summary and written guide allowed me to continue working on the project with confidence. I'm happy to say, I'm about ready to launch and am so grateful to Rachel for her role in getting me this far!


I have worked with Rachel on a number of projects now and I can confidently say that THIS is an investment worth making. Her strategic approach to all thing marketing is truly impressive.


Okay.. I am SO happy I jumped in with Rachel Nice! I am a business coach who has a group coaching program, and I knew it needed to be better, but I didn't know how.

Rachel's knowledge about instructional design and how she taught it to me, made everything way more clear, and easier to actually build in results for my students.

It blows my mind how much she was able to help me and now I'm ready to have the biggest launch ever!


You're ready....

You are so, so ready to continue increasing your revenue and seeing growth without sacrificing your family or personal boundaries to get there.

You’re ready for more clients to experience the powerful transformation you provide within your business and aren’t willing to waste time or energy putting together a program for them without guidance.

You don’t have to do this alone. You can create a scalable offer for your business. 

A scalable offer that is rooted in excellence and grounded with integrity.

A scalable offer that you sell based on relationships and viewing your clients with respect, not just as numbers or data.

A scalable offer that creates such exceptional results that it becomes part of your legacy.

Join me in The Scalable Offer System if you are ready for this to be your reality.