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Turn your program into THE flagship solution in your niche that generates consistent revenue and
student results


You are an expert and an educator. You know your material and you know your clients. You created a coaching program that you are so proud of and clients are booking your spots.

After launching, you are hitting new milestones in your business and that feels even better.

But something isn’t quite right...

Despite pouring hours of effort into your program, you're noticing that your students are getting inconsistent results. Some are doing really well.... but some are struggling.

As a coach, you want all of your students to be successful, so it's upsetting to see them struggle. Worse, you don't really know why this is happening.

But, you’re also a businesswoman. You know that inconsistent results aren’t just disappointing. They’ll hurt your business.

Those milestones you’re so proud of, the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve... you know it's not scalable if your students aren’t getting amazing, consistent results from your signature offer.

Scalable Offers Generate
Consistent Results.

I’ll be honest with you.

In my experience as a certified educator and experience working with 6 and 7-figure coaches and course creators, when a coaching program isn't generating good results, it's usually because it's missing some key components.

  • A measurable program outcome
  • A supportive program structure
  • Clarity on which clients will get the best results

    In order to create consistent, scalable programs, you need to refine your offer, clarify the level of success you want your students to have, and make sure you’re offering the optimum level of support in order to get those amazing, consistent results.

    To do that, you need a set of expert eyes on your curriculum so that you have confidence that you’re on the right track.

    You need someone to help you create a plan to make your offer the premium flagship offer in your niche.

    You need someone to help you upgrade your current offer from adequate to exceptional so that when you launch, you sell out.

    And... that's someone is me.

The Profitable Launch Intensive

I work with passionate women who are committed to the students in their coaching programs.

Women who aren't content with mediocrity....
who only give their students the very best.

Over 30 days, we work 1-1 to dissect your program and create a plan for ensuring it generates consistent revenue and predictable income for years to come.

Here's how....


We Get to Work!

We connect on Voxer the same day you book your spot (no waiting around to get started!)

I want to learn about your current program, what's going well, and where you are struggling.

Through my signature intake process, you can share ALL the details with me so we can roll up our sleeves and get to WORK!


1-1 Planning Session

Once you get access to me on Voxer, you pick a date that is perfect for you for a 90-minute planning session.

This is where we put it all down on paper. We optimize your program framework, uncover any holes, and create a plan for improvement so your students get consistently reliable results.


Implement and Improve

Following your Zoom session, you get a customized implementation plan that shows you exactly how to move forward with making any needed changes.


Support & Feedback

You probably will have questions after our session, so you can continue asking questions on Voxer throughout our 30 days together.

During the entire Intensive, you have my 1-1 support as you make all the changes and upgrades necessary to take your offer from pretty good to exceptional!

What Are My Clients Saying?

Hear directly from my Intensive clients on how they transformed their programs when we worked together!

As a certified educator, I've worked with my clients to create courses and programming that have generated multi six-figures in revenue.

As a launch project manager, I've seen some of the most premier 6 and 7-figure online businesses do $75k+ launches to raving fans and managed the back end of multimillion dollar course businesses.

I love marketing but I'm a teacher at heart. Like you, I want to impart my wisdom in a way that helps my students move forward. And as an educator, I can come alongside you and help you make your really good offer even better. 

Only YOU can use your blend of expertise and experiences to create your flagship program. I’m here to help you make it the best it can possibly be.

If you want to feel 100% confident in what you’re teaching... 

If you want to turn your group coaching program into your premium signature offer…

If you’re not willing to waste your time figuring out what isn’t working on your own…

If you want to sell out program seats and make SCALABLE, predictable revenue EVERY time you launch...

Then Let's Get Started!

Spots are LIMITED and open by application only.

Payment Plan Option

Pay over time with this flexible option. Two payments spread out over time.

Two payments of $700

Apply Now!

Pay In Full

Ready to get started? Get your payment out of the way and not worry about another one!

One payment of $1297

One of my clients started in the Intensive and within DAYS, we got her:

  • Super clear on her offers so she can differentiate between her high-ticket 1-1 offer and what she'll be offering in her program. 

  • Her entire offer suite mapped out (and who each offer is PERFECT for) so she can clearly communicate the value of each offer to potential clients. 

  • Her program outcome mapped out and she started working on creating her curriculum outline.... 

That's what I designed this Intensive to be... hands-on, 1-1 support from me so that you can move QUICKLY.

We don't wait around to get the party started. We hit the ground running from Day 1 to get your expertise down on paper so we can optimize your offer based on your expertise.

Who Is This For?

This program is for action-taking coaches like you who aren't willing to settle for mediocrity.

You're ready to take action and you don't want your hand held. You want clear, actionable directions that will help you make changes quickly and decisively.


  • You have an existing program that you've taken at least 3 clients through and gotten good results.

  • You have a framework or process based on your done-for-you services that you want to turn into a one-to-many offer.

  • You feel fairly confident in the trainings, resources, and support that you provide within the program, but you’re ready to level-up so you can truly get to premium, high-ticket status.

  • You’re committed to your students' success and want to give the people who invest your very best.

  • You’re consistently making sales every time you launch your offer... but you’re done playing small and are ready to scale to $20k+ launches.


  • You have NOT launched your 1-many offer. This program is best suited for women who have an existing 1-many offer.
  • You're just looking for a quick fix to create cashflow into your business and think that your program will be simply passive income that magically shows up in your bank account.

  • You aren't willing to do the work and just want someone to hold your hand.

  • You're not willing to accept feedback or guidance. This is a partnership and the women I accept into this program are driven, motivated, and accept responsibility for their own success.


    This program is 30 days in length. You need to have the bandwidth to show up consistently during our time together.

    If you are planning to re-launch your program, I highly suggest booking your Intensive approximately 90 days out from your launch date to give you time to implement
    any needed changes.

Create the premier coaching program
in your niche!

Spots are LIMITED so apply now!

Investment: One payment of $1297 or two payments of $700.

What Clients Are Saying

Rachel's kind and down-to-earth nature made it easy to feel comfortable explaining my tech and platform challenges without feeling judged. This allowed us to get to problem-solving quickly and I left our first meeting knowing my next steps and how I could best achieve them.

Rachel's follow-up summary and written guide allowed me to continue working on the project with confidence. I'm happy to say, I'm about ready to launch and am so grateful to Rachel for her role in getting me this far!


I loved having the 1-1 service through Voxer, that alone was everything. Then I got a customized launch plan- WOW! So just working the program step-by-step and it's all coming together. This program was such a relief and empowered me to make my e-course a reality. Rachel is the best!


I just want to give a huge shout out to Rachel Nice! I joined her launch intensive and couldn’t be happier with my progress (and it’s only just begun). Not only is she helping immensely with my offer, I feel like I am gaining so much for my overall business. It’s so great to have her support!