The Profitable Launch Mini Course

I see you there, wanting to finally create that course or group program you know your audience truly NEEDS.

But... you're not sure where to start.... putting it all together seems so overwhelming.

How do you create and launch a PROFITABLE 1-many offer.... where do you even begin?!

Let me show you!

Maybe this sounds familiar?

  • You know you get amazing results for your 1-1 clients, but are secretly worried going to a 1-many version will just be a big, expensive (...embarrassing?) flop.

  • You started creating your program... only to feel like a huge impostor... why would anyone buy this program? Can you even get them results?!

  • You get GREAT results for your 1-1 clients, but feel totally at a loss for how to turn those results into a repeatable, leveraged 1-many offer

If you consistently get results for your 1-1 clients, let's turn those results into a repeatable system
that allows you to get more clients...
without you doing all of the heavy lifting

Hi! I'm Rachel!

And I help women turn their expertise into digital products so they can leverage their expertise to generate revenue without being at their desk 24/7.

As a former teacher, I know how to create programs and courses that are educationally sound and get results.

And, as a marketer, I know how to deeply connect with your audience.... to be so in tune with their needs that they can't wait to buy from you!

Now, I want to share my process with you in my free Profitable Launch Mini Course.

Over the next 5 days, I will be sending you my 5-step framework for designing a course or group coaching program that takes your unique expertise and breaks it down into a step-by-step framework for getting repeatable, scalable results.

At the end of this mini course, you will have a built-out framework for creating a digital offer that you can sell over and over again.

Are you ready?

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