"I have worked with Rachel on a number of projects now and I can confidently say that THIS is an investment worth making. Her strategic approach to all thing marketing is truly impressive."

Melissa Froehlich | Certified Online Business Manager, Coach, Course Creator Founder, MilSpouse Remote Work Collective 

"One of the best things about working with Rachel is that she is thorough and organized. This is so crucial for me as things are moving so fast, when I mention something to Rachel she always makes note of it and remembers. 

She is able to assess the business as a whole rather than just on the task she is helping with. This is amazing because it helps with an overall strategy rather than feeling our efforts are segmented. She sees the big picture. She also goes above and beyond. There have been many occasions where she has helped me with tasks outside of fb campaigns. 

Working with Rachel feels like you truly have someone on your team and in your corner - she wants your business to succeed just like you do and is willing to try different things to get you there!"

Sam Friedman | Certified Personal Trainer + Founder, CoreFit 

"I just want to give a huge shout out to Rachel Nice! I joined her launch intensive and couldn’t be happier with my progress (and it’s only just begun). Not only has is she helping immensely with my offer, I feel like I am gaining so much for my overall business. It’s so great to have her support!"

Rachel Bloom | Registered Dietitian + Founder, Nutrition in Bloom

"You really delivered on this program. I got more than I realized I would. I mean so much valuable information. Most webinars give you little pieces, you gave me the whole plan from start to finish, no guessing games here! I can't wait to make my millions and attribute it to your program :) Thank you"

Felicia Dale | Wedding Coordinator + Founder, Emerald Lotus Events